4 Social Features that Help Mobile Gaming Apps Attract and Retain Users

When it comes to mobile games, users are spoiled for choice. Players have a wide pool to choose from, creating intense competition when it comes to user acquisition and retention. According to Forbes, even the best game could only manage user retention of 4.5% after 30 days. But research suggests that adding social features to your game can help keep players engaged. This article explains four social features you can incorporate into your mobile gaming app to help you attract and retain users.

The Multi-Player Mode

No one wants to play alone all the time. People need to compete with actual human beings when playing their favorite games. Including a multi-player mode can help attract more gamers. The multi-player option should be versatile – allowing gamers to connect with their rivals and friends in different ways. Connecting through the cloud is the most obvious, but supporting connectivity through Bluetooth is also important.

Live Chat Rooms

There are two kinds of gamers. The achievers and the socializers. Achievers have an interest in completing the different challenges a game presents. Socializers, on the other hand, play to explore the social features of a game. Generally, socializers outnumber the achievers.

Live chat rooms provide excellent platforms for people to interact while playing. Adding this feature will attract and retain a lot of gamers. You’ll be able to maintain their interest in the game because your platform is multi-pronged. Live chat rooms provide a space for playing and exploring the game. Gamers also talk to like-minded individuals and exchange their thoughts on their adventures.

Replay Sharing Mode

Enabling users to record and share their progress is key to the gaming experience — Twitch’s success is proof positive of this. Including this feature in your game will make it attractive to gamers, especially the achievers. They may not be there for the social aspects of the game, but they will appreciate them anyway — allowing them to show off their achievements. This king od user generated content also helps market the game.

In-game Achievements Leaderboard

This feature is crucial for games in which achievements are the main driver. This kind of game is likely to attract the achievers who draw excitement from completing tasks that improve their rank in the game. Allow them to see the live leaderboard each time they complete a task. It will motivate the users to stay on the platform until they are at the apex of the leaderboard. Include the option of challenging a friend directly from the leaderboard. Doing this enhances the sociability of the platform which in turn improves user retention and acquisition.

Parting Shot

There is more to gaming than just playing the game itself. Social features such as the multi-player mode enhance direct competition among gamers in real-time and keep them coming back for more than just a quick game. These features are important now more than ever as people look for new ways to connect with people they’re unable to see in person.