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Aug 03, 2022

3:00 PM EST
4:00 PM EST

Test Dry Run (Live stream)

Aug 24, 2022

8:00 AM EST
9:00 AM EST


9:00 AM EST
10:00 AM EST


Location : Bal Harbour Room

12:00 PM EST
1:00 PM EST

Networking Lunch

Location : Bal Harbour Room

3:00 PM EST
9:00 PM EST


6:00 PM EST
9:00 PM EST

VIP Dinner

6:40 PM EST
7:40 PM EST

Test Run

Aug 25, 2022

7:00 AM EST
5:00 PM EST


8:00 AM EST
9:00 AM EST

Networking Breakfast

Location : Courtyard

9:15 AM EST
9:30 AM EST

MGA Opening Remarks

9:25 AM EST
9:55 AM EST

How Community Drives Conversion for Fintech Brands

Personal finance is   just that—personal. So why do people come to Reddit to help make financial   decisions? It’s because our user anonymity fuels realness, and our community   allows people to be vulnerable and seek trusted, judgment-free advice. In   this session, we'll dive deeper into how fintech brands can tap into Reddit's   communities to drive acquisition, navigate post-privacy challenges, and what   all that looks like in action.

9:55 AM EST
10:34 AM EST

Banking Products Based on Blockchain

10:35 AM EST
11:00 AM EST

Design Thinking & Fraud Prevention

11:05 AM EST
12:00 PM EST

Keys to success in Cryptocurrency and Web3

Beginner, intermediate and expert level industry participants learn the mindset, skills, and techniques to begin, scale, and excel in cryptocurrency and web3 from Derek Jones, a blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast since 2013 and the Founder and CEO of UnitedCoin, a 

cryptocurrency bank and blockchain operating system partnered with a US based financial institution. 

11:30 AM EST
12:00 PM EST

Networking Reception

12:00 PM EST
1:00 PM EST


1:20 PM EST
1:55 PM EST

Preparing for the Unexpected: The Importance of Agility in Finance

Economic hardship can fall on virtually any industry, at any time, without much notice. For businesses, that means agility is more important than ever - and the ability to act quickly is critical to your team’s long-term success. After a period of change or a lull in economic activity, companies that act quickly are often the winners, while the ones that lag behind suffer the consequences. To ensure you won’t be left behind when unexpected consequences arise, it’s critical to build a resilience plan into your future growth strategy.


Join our conversation to learn about best practices when building an agile, resilient finance team; we’ll discuss:


  • How to maximize efficiency from      your team & technology
  • Building resilience into your      overall business strategy
  • Forecasting for unforeseen      events
  • Going beyond earnings and      creating market value

1:55 PM EST
2:11 PM EST

The case of crypto mass adoption in LATAM

2:11 PM EST
2:46 PM EST

High Impact Relationship Building to grow your business

Relationships are more than business cards. Learn how to grow your sphere of influence to grow from where you are to where you want to be. Building relationships requires you move out of your comfort zone, solve issues and impact others, helping them grow and in turn helping your business and your brand grow.

2:34 PM EST
2:54 PM EST

Artificial Intelligence for Effortless, Intelligent, Agile, and Scalable Marketing

Modern marketing is all about juggling complex consumer behavior, changing laws and regulations, constantly evolving ad platforms, market saturation, and privacy concerns all at once. “Growth hacks” that worked in the past are no longer worth the damage they tend to do. In this talk, Rishi will discuss how, instead of following the reductionist logic that drives many marketing strategies, artificial intelligence and machine learning are taking a truly explorative perspective toward what actually works. He will also elaborate on what Pixis, a CA-based tech company that develops accessible AI technology, is doing to help brands scale all aspects of their marketing and augment their decision-making in a world of increasingly diverse audience behavior. Finally, he will briefly outline how incorporating codeless AI into marketing has enabled brands to optimize performance metrics across the spectrum, such as lowering the cost of customer acquisition, improving return on ad spend, and more.


3:10 PM EST
3:40 PM EST

Fintech, Financial Wellness and Advocacy: an Exploration

Fintech has exploded the last few years, with a variety of business models and use cases. Come listen to DailyPay's head of policy, Matt Kopko, discuss the role of earned wage access in the financial ecosystem, how earned wage access relates to financial wellness, and emerging research that helps make the case.

3:40 PM EST
4:05 PM EST

Retention is the New Acquisition for Fintech Apps

The glory days of unrestrained growth via Facebook ads is behind us and quality and retention are the new name of the game. With CACs rising and attribution transparency diminishing, our app leveraged an innovative rewards program -- stock back on your purchases -- that drove a dramatic increase in referral traffic, a 40% increase in monthly spend & an 80% retention rate at 6 months. If you're shifting your strategy from volume to quality, I'll share details on how a smart rewards program can help you and your customers build a mutually beneficial loyalty program.

4:02 PM EST
4:50 PM EST

The current state of Fintech and the blockchain Revolution

4:55 PM EST
5:20 PM EST

The Future of NFTs

Where are NFTs headed and what's next? What else can they do? What other applications do they have? How will they fit with traditional games? What future roles do they have in web3 games? Let's discuss!

6:00 PM EST
9:00 PM EST

Reception sponsored by Tipalti and CleverTap

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Location : Four Season's Pool Area

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