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Come together with the mobile industry’s leading growth experts at MGS Europe. From actionable insights to life-changing connections, attendees will get everything they need to grow their apps and their careers in 2022 and beyond.

Learn. Connect. Grow.
Discover emerging trends, meet new partners, and get what you need to grow your app in the post-ATT world.

When the learning ends, the networking begins! We know that getting together with your professional community is more important than ever. From gourmet food to exciting networking opportunities, we make networking and making new connections easy and fun.

Who Should Attend MGS Europe?

App Marketing Professionals
Executive Leadership from App Publishers
Marketing Directors
Heads of Growth
VPs of Marketing
App Developers
Product Managers

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Sep 06, 2022

3:30 PM EST
6:30 PM EST

Test Run

6:00 PM EST
9:00 PM EST

VIP Dinner

Sep 07, 2022

7:55 AM EST
8:55 AM EST

Test Run 2

8:00 AM EST
6:00 PM EST


8:00 AM EST
9:00 AM EST

Networking Breakfast

Location : Courtyard

9:10 AM EST
9:25 AM EST

MGA Opening Remarks

9:20 AM EST
9:59 AM EST

Building a powerful influencer marketing strategy

9:50 AM EST
10:25 AM EST

Trends in App Creatives for UA

10:46 AM EST
11:16 AM EST

How to properly use user-generated content to increase app installs (Fireside Chat)

11:05 AM EST
11:35 AM EST

AI Trends in User Acquisition

App publishers and UA leaders will gain insights into AI's growing impact on performance marketing from Phil Shpilberg, founder of GameChangerSF, which was acquired by Pixis, the global leader in AI marketing.

11:30 AM EST
11:55 AM EST

How to leverage User-generated content to boost paid UA activities

App marketers are increasingly using user-generated content in their paid acquisition activities to connect with their audience differently from traditional ads. In this presentation, we will walk you through key learnings and tips on how to use UGC ads in your paid marketing activity (backed by data).

11:50 AM EST
12:40 PM EST

Managing the Downturn: App Strategies to Capture Opportunities

12:45 PM EST
1:45 PM EST

Networking Lunch

1:50 PM EST
2:10 PM EST

How to start preparing your app for international growth

My responsibility at   Google is to assess the leading app developers' app from regarding   UI/UX/Market strategy and ASO and deliver a bespoke audit to facilitate their   international growth.

  We also hold internal and external events to app developers/agencies to   educate and to share best-in-class examples/tips/market insights to support   their international growth.

  I would be happy to participate and share our check-list, must-haves, content   to share with app developers.

2:08 PM EST
2:33 PM EST

SKadNetwork 4.0: What app marketing professionals need to know

Another WWDC has come and passed, and you’re still wondering what SKAN 4.0 is all about? AppsFlyer to the rescue! Join us for a quick session about SKAN 4.0 and learn everything there is to know about the upcoming changes: How is SKAN 4.0 going to affect LTV measurement? What are coarse conversion values? What is ‘source identifier’

2:55 PM EST
3:20 PM EST

Financial App Growth in Challenging Financial Times

With economic conditions changing, fintech apps must adopt new growth strategies and be prudent with marketing spend. Edge226 has been working with leading financial apps to drive user acquisition during these challenging times. We want to host a panel and bring some of our Fintech clients to speak about this unique challenge. This panel will benefit growth marketers concerned about the economic situation. Key learnings will include how to plan Q4 2022 media strategy given market conditions.

3:30 PM EST
4:00 PM EST

Before & After: How iOS 14 Has Changed Ad Industry

In the last year, Apple overturned the whole industry with privacy-driven changes. There is no doubt it has a strong impact on the advertising landscape: the ways of approaching ad campaigns, measuring performance and engaging with the audience. But how has the market adapted to the new changes? This panel will take a look at different aspects of mobile attribution since iOS 14 and its overall influence on today’s businesses.

3:55 PM EST
4:20 PM EST

7 App Retention Techniques to Survive an Economic Downturn

Managing app retention in a growing economy versus a declining economy are two very different things. In this session, you'll learn:

- How to identify retention points in your user's journey

- Best practises for an engagement strategy

- Actionable steps to increase app user retention

4:30 PM EST
4:55 PM EST

The business value of being product led

This session will take an executive-level look at the value of being a product led organisation. Product led topics often focus on the growth aspect, but there are many more wins available. James combines lessons from 10 years of working with product execs around the world with Mind the Product with the data available from Pendo's research & customer teams to show you where dollars can be unlocked - fast!

Sep 08, 2022

3:30 AM EST
3:35 AM EST

Opening Remarks

3:35 AM EST
4:00 AM EST

Studio Killers case study: How to get your creative juices flowing in creating great Tiktok marketin

4:00 AM EST
4:25 AM EST

How to design for LiveOps

4:45 AM EST
5:10 AM EST

Digital Marketing in a post-ATT, post cookie world

5:20 AM EST
5:45 AM EST

The impact of the recently passed DMA by the EU (apple + android will be forced to open their platfo

5:55 AM EST
6:20 AM EST

New Trends in Mobile Marketing - Performance Marketing / UA , AI in Mobile Marketing

6:20 AM EST
7:20 AM EST

Networking Lunch

7:30 AM EST
8:05 AM EST

How to do performance marketing in changing landscapes

8:15 AM EST
8:40 AM EST

Green is the future not a nice to have - how to connect business and regeneration.

Whats in for the   companies engaging in nature regeneration? Why is it important to get   involved and how the first steps can look like. Best practices and cases from   the creative industry.

8:50 AM EST
9:15 AM EST

How to unlock Customer Product Pages to put your App Store Conversions on Steroids

Something often   overlooked or at least underestimated in our industry: the power of Customer   Product Pages! That is precisely what I propose to do a Talk about at your   event to outline how Custom Product pages (CPP) can exponentially increase   your performance in the App Stores. My talk will first outline how to   effectively design different custom product pages in different themes.   Secondly I’ll unveil how those different CPP’s themes can be used to attract   different audiences that are interested in different aspects of the game. The   last part will outline how this will increase your key KPI’s (CTR, CR, CPA)   and therefore increase overall scale and performance in Apple Search Ads and   other networks that use CPP’s for iOS. To me this is definitely a Story Worth   Sharing with other creative UA & ASO managers.

9:15 AM EST
9:40 AM EST

Government Funding for Emerging Video Game Industries: A Case Study of Croatia

10:00 AM EST
10:25 AM EST

How to grow a strong web3 gaming community?

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