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Sep 29, 2022

6:00 PM PST
9:00 PM PST

VIP Dinner ( Invite Only)

This is an invite only event for speaker, sponsor and VIP attendees.

7:00 AM PST
5:00 PM PST


8:00 AM PST
9:00 AM PST

Networking Breakfast

Location : Courtyard

8:10 AM PST
9:10 AM PST

Test Session

9:00 AM PST
9:30 AM PST

Welcome Remarks

Welcome to MGS Games! Learn about what's new at MGA and our plans for 2023.

9:25 AM PST
10:30 AM PST

The UA Formula To Beat The 95% Creative Failure Rate

Zynga’s Bradly Bifulco (Creative Director) and Consumer Acquisition’s David DeJong (Group Creative Director) discuss tactics to overcome the 95% failure rate of new creative ad concepts and how to increase the success rate to maintain peak financial performance. Hear how top app companies leverage competitive trends, user motivations, and emotional triggers to develop fresh ad concepts designed to increase performance. Moderated by Brainlabs' Lian Amaris (VP, Marketing, North America). Discover how to: - Guide and prioritize creative exploration aligned with UA financial goals and KPIs - Eliminate unfocused ideation while fostering creativity across internal and external teams - Overcome creative slumps with a reusable framework that uncovers fresh ideas - Decide “where to go next” when you think you’ve tried everything

11:22 AM PST
11:55 AM PST

FIRESIDE CHAT: User Growth in a World of Online Communities

Roderick shares his experience and perspective in this session looking at the evolution of user growth in a world without IDFA, declining advertising effectiveness and proliferation of communities.

11:55 AM PST
12:30 PM PST

PANEL: Mobile Gaming Trends

The mobile market represents around half of all global games revenues, and opportunities abound for savvy developers, but how can today's game makers succeed in this increasingly competitive landscape? Our panel will answer this important question while addressing changes in the Apple ecosystem and discuss the future of F2P gaming, as well as consider new opportunities including web gaming, AR/VR blockchain gaming and NFTs.

12:00 PM PST
1:00 PM PST


1:20 PM PST
1:50 PM PST

Social Virtual Reality Best Practices

1:45 PM PST
2:20 PM PST

Crossing the Streams: Cross-Disciplinary Solutions in Game Development

The key to any game project is integrating the efforts of diverse disciplines, from business to engineering. Learn how to identify challenges, align teams, and build robust solutions from real world examples including a flexible content pipeline for a UGC game and a core XR platform service for Magic Leap. These critical analyses and tools will ensure you can leverage your team's full potential from day one.

2:15 PM PST
3:00 PM PST

Latest ASO Best Practices and Latest ASO Hacks

3:05 PM PST
3:40 PM PST

FIRESIDE CHAT: The Convergence of Blockchain and Games

Blockchain technology and Games. Convergence? Evolution? Micro transaction online games revolutionized the importance of digital assets and virtual currency. Coins to buy, coins too earn, digital items rarity, usability, value.... These have all created a trillion dollar global market in the buy, sell, and trade of game assets. Games are 3D, massively multi player, and in a persistent game universe. ICO's, tokens, NFTs, digital assets, virtual currencies... Sounds familiar? Whether convergence or evolution of technology, let's discuss!

3:40 PM PST
4:15 PM PST

Creative in Mobile Games Ads

Creative is key in   Games advertising: with multiple channels, including TikTok, video, and   AppStores, growth marketers must work with creative teams to deliver   compelling content in different formats. The panel brings both Games Growth   Marketers and Creative folks to speak about working together. With 10+ years   in creative performance, I am an expert in the field. The engaging panel,   will benefit growth marketers in the gaming space wanting to improve their   work with their creative counterparts.

4:15 PM PST
4:45 PM PST

Go To Market Growth practices for modern mobile game launches

4:30 PM PST
4:55 PM PST

Making Blockchain Games Fun

What aspects of blockchain technology can excite and entertain? How can we reduce tedious onboarding methods to make the game start with ease?


These are topics covered by Gabriel Meredith's presentation, "Making Blockchain Games Fun." Starting with an overview of the current landscape of blockchain games, the founder of Merfolk Games will then share four years of knowledge developing methods to streamline onboarding, ensure quality of product, and bring together the best of blockchain technology.


Anyone interested in a clear overview of blockchain technology and its usefulness (and potential drawbacks) in gaming will find great benefit in joining this presentation.

10:35 AM PST
11:13 AM PST

AI Trends in User Acquisition

App publishers and UA leaders will gain insights into AI's growing impact on performance marketing from Phil Shpilberg, founder of GameChangerSF, which was acquired by Pixis, the global leader in AI marketing.

Sep 30, 2022

6:00 PM PST
8:00 PM PST


5:15 PM PST
5:35 PM PST

Three Truths and a Lie: A Mechanics-First Mindset

This session will examine four different quotes from respected names in the field of game design (Schell, Iwata, Wright, etc.). It will look at how each supports or contradicts the philosophy of approaching game design with a "mechanics first" mindset and an emphasis on "how it works" above all else. It will also detail how we have attempted to embrace this approach in the development of our upcoming release, Addagrams.

5:00 PM PST
5:25 PM PST

Community building in Web3 and how that is used to grow a game


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