Fighting Fraud With Trustworthy Techniques

Delivered at MGS GVC 1.0, this keynote by Vivek Girotra, Sr. Director of Growth Marketing at Elevate Labs, details the best ways to recognize and fight fraud in 2020.

Girotra’s keynote includes important information on:

  • Macro-trends in fraud
  • Increased fraud opportunities in open-source Android systems
  • The proportional relationship between money and fraud, specifically in popular sectors like gaming, social, and entertainment
  • Recognizing attribution fraud (click injections, click spamming) and faked installs (device farms, bots)
  • Fighting fraud in 2020 by addressing common structural issues and creating a company culture of transparency and accountability
  • Partner selection methodology
  • The value proposition of fraud protection software

From attribution issues to faked installs, fraud is a persistent problem for mobile developers in 2020. However, with Girota’s basic steps and best practices, you’ll be able to protect your product from a myriad of threats and bolster a trustworthy reputation.