How to Build Your Mobile Growth Cred

Speaker in front of a crowd
Photo by Kevin Gonzalez on Unsplash.

The Mobile Growth Association is a community. Physical events are an important part of that, but between events, we want to keep bringing the app marketing community together to learn, connect, and grow.

But the most important part of that community is you!

No, seriously, we learn so much from you. Of course, we’d love to see you speak at MGS events but we know that’s not possible for all of you. Planes, hotels, being away from your desk (or family) for a couple of days… it can all be a bit much sometimes, right?

We get it.

For the publisher members of our community, there are other ways to tell your story and spread the word about your work, and share your expertise. From articles on our website to hosting an MGS Special Edition, we want to turn the spotlight on you. Build your reputation as a thought leader and help your peers solve tricky growth challenges by pitching us:

The next time you join us at an MGS event you’ll have built your street cred and established yourself as an up-and-coming voice in this rapidly changing industry.