How to Increase Revenue by Optimizing Conversions

Looking to turn free users into paying customers? In this MGS20 panel, Ehren Maedge, North American VP of MoEngage, moderates a conversation between Lane Colyer and Nathan Sann, co-founders of Growth Instincts, concerning the best practices for driving conversion rates.

Colyer kicks things off with some thoughts on monitoring customer experience and engagement to increase the frequency of usage. Identify “aha!” purchase moments to expose a product’s core value, but instead of putting a paywall around that experience, Sann advises “[adding] value to that core feature and…introduce an upgrade path to that.”

In the same psychological vein, Colyer describes how marketing an improved quality of life is often more tactful than touting a premium app experience. Maedge turns the conversation to repeat conversions, and the panel concludes with some thoughts on re-marketing, narrowing the gap between periods of engagement, and using metadata and automation to target lookalike audiences.


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