Implementing Automation for User Acquisition

Presented at MGS20, this Fireside Chat features Warren Woodward, CGO of Upptic, and Tatiana Hoffman, Product Manager at Adjust, discussing how user acquisition (UA) automation can be introduced into workflow to increase efficiency.

Though UA automation can be as simple as a spreadsheet or as complex as an algorithm, Woodward notes that the process for determining its placement uses the same three steps. The first step is to identify time-wasters, and Woodward shares his process for finding operational bottlenecks. The next is to identify the infrastructure and data necessary to accomplish automation. Finally, the means of execution must be determined: the automation is either built in-house, or produced from a provider that fulfills the specific need. Hoffman and Woodward then spend some time discussing validation processes and the importance of clean data, before Woodward concludes with some thoughts on the future of UA automation.