Level Up: Using retention marketing tactics to up your game


By Peggy Anne Salz


More money has been spent on Gaming—in all its forms and formats—than any other kind of entertainment on the planet. To put this into perspective, Reuters reports, gaming absolutely dwarfs the competition at the box office (and everywhere else). It’s a massive industry worth almost 3x the total movie industry. The growth engine is mobile.


Powered by popular game titles and franchises—such as Fortnite—mobile gaming is experiencing epic growth. Expanding at a rate of 26% per year, the global industry is expected to reach $91 billion in revenues by 2021, according to the latest data from Newzoo, a research firm providing market intelligence for games, esports, and mobile. 


App publishers may focus strategies on boosting app installs, but they are also sharpening their focus on driving frequent gameplay and higher LTV. It’s a smart (even decisive) strategy in a space where in-app purchases and ad-supported models are combining and colliding to change all the rules. 


Publishers are under pressure to acquire and keep their users, but it’s an uphill battle in a space where publishers (as a rule) are seeing over 75% of users uninstall an app within a week of download. 


Winning the game by driving retention 


What are the factors that lead to user lapse and,ultimately, uninstalls? How can smart app marketers create customer journeys to drive engagement and win players back to the game? What are the ways you can start improving retention in a leaky bucket right now?


We tackle these questions and more in Level Up: Lessons in User Retention from the Gaming Industry, my first webinar with Thiago Monteiro, Director of Growth at Peak Labs. Working in digital and mobile marketing for more than seven years, Thiago has vast experience in multiple disciplines of paid media, ranging from display and paid search to social paid advertising. At Peak he is responsible for acquiring and retaining hundreds of thousands of subscribers every month while reaching ambitious financial goals.


The webinar also features Malay Harsh, Director of Marketing at CleverTap — the full-stack customer retention platform that helps app marketers forge long-term relationships with their audiences by giving them access to real-time behavioral analytics and messaging tools to engage users on the right channels, at the right time, and with a message that resonates.


Malay will share how Dream 11, one of the largest fantasy sports gaming apps increased its retention rates 5X by engaging 70% of its inactive users.


Join us on August 13 for the latest trends and smart retention tactics


In this webinar, you will learn: 

  1. Key performance metrics for Gaming apps
  2. How to segment users based on behavior and mapping user journeys
  3. Fixes for improving retention via engagement




Date: 13th Aug 2019

Time : 11 a.m.  GMT/ 12 p.m. BST/ 1 p.m. CEST/ 7 a.m. EST/ 6 a.m. CST

There will be a Q&A session at the end of this webinar, so come prepared! If you can’t attend live, there is no need for FOMO. You can register to receive the recording.