Mobile News Roundup – Aug. 25, 2022


Unity rejects AppLovin’s $20 billion merger offer

“​​Last month, the news broke that Unity — a widely used game engine — would merge with ironSource, a mobile app monetization and distribution company. But the Israeli company’s larger competitor AppLovin submitted an unsolicited takeover bid to Unity with the condition that they terminate their deal with ironSource.”

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New App Stability Report Shows Release Cadence of Top Mobile Apps Is Speeding Up by 40%

“Using Bugsnag data from a 30-day period, the third annual report shows mobile apps are continuing the release trend of once per week, moving from a weekly release cadence to delivering a full release every four to five days, a 40% increase. Web apps have also moved from a biweekly cadence to a slightly faster pace with new products deploying into a production average of every 10 days.”

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Microsoft gets more aggressive with ads in the Outlook app on Android and iOS

“Microsoft Outlook is a solid emailing app on iOS and Android, but Microsoft might be getting a little too aggressive with one part of it. To their frustration, users have noticed that Microsoft is now rolling out more ads to Outlook mobile, as a possible way to try and push the premium Microsoft 365 subscription.”

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Mobile gaming & app industry state and marketing analysis in H1 2022

“This white paper is an integration of industry insights from dozens of companies including Snapchat, Chartboost, Liftoff, Vungle, Udonis, Mobidictum, Game Factory, and more. It provides you with a precise analysis of mobile game & app industry data in the first half of this year and with forecasts of future trends, based on global mobile marketing data, observation of popular regions, precise channel advertising, advertising budget cost, and popular mobile game & app analytics for marketing.”

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New Google Play guidance will force publisher apps to rethink app store optimization (ASO)

“Over 385,000 Android apps available on Google Play are at risk of having their titles condensed, according to an analysis by the Zurich-based app intelligence company 42matters.”

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