Push Notifications And In-App Messages For E-Commerce Retention And Engagement

Smart app developers and marketers know that user retention is the only way to grow sustainably. Research shows that at least 77 % of daily active users abandon an app three days after installation. Retaining a mere 5% of these users can boost the sales of a business by a whopping 30% or even more.

Users must opt-in to push notifications, giving subscribers control, which drives higher response rates. If you aren’t already using this tool to help retain and engage your app users, it’s time to start.

Here is how you can leverage push notifications for user retention and acquisition.

  1. Remind customers about offers — We’re all busy and need a reminder now and then. (Just ask the Reminder App on my phone!) Giving users a nudge with a push notification keeps them engaged. But remember to use this tactic sparingly — sending notifications to users based on what your data tells you they will be interested in.
  2. Prevent churn before it starts — Customer churn is inevitable as the app scales. However, if you can learn to identify a user who is likely to churn before they do, you can make a personalized effort to re-engage them before they delete the app for good.
  3. Order-related notifications — When it comes to e-commerce apps, users have one goal in mind — placing and receiving orders. Thus, it helps if you capitalize on users’ core intent. You can also remind them about abandoned carts and incomplete buyer checkouts — or even remind them when their package will arrive.


App inboxes are powerful tools that allow you to share messages even with people who have not opted in to push notifications. Moreover, this is where your marketers leverage unlimited access to clients for both short and long-term marketing messages.

Use these tips to improve notifications with your app’s inbox.

  1. Create customized tabs — By adding tabs for “updates” and another one for “promotions” you allow customers a level of control over their inbox and let them find the messages they are most interested in.
  2. Send long-lasting offers — Unlike push notifications, app inbox messages don’t disappear once the user reads them or dismiss them from the notification toolbar. More to the point, it may take a user awhile to come back to your app and explore the inbox. You can take advantage of that by sending long-lasting coupon offers that won’t be out of date by the time they see it.

Mobile e-commerce is increasingly popular, but the competition is fierce. Staying top of mind is integral to success. Push notifications are a great way to get there.