Remote Working: Best Practices

In this MGA webinar, Frank Ravanelli, APAC Digital Media and Marketing Operations Manager at FOREO, discusses increasing productivity, efficiency, and efficacy while working remotely.

Ravanelli’s webinar includes actionable advice and insights into:

  • Suitable (and unsuitable) places and times to work remotely
  • Who is a good fit for remote work
  • Defining personal success by identifying strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, and challenges
  • Best practices for productivity
  • Strategies for building and managing remote teams
  • Understanding and planning the frequency of interactions
  • Key responsibilities for remote team management
  • Establishing a scalable business model
  • Investing in remote ventures
  • Essential tools for remote working
  • Remote job recruitment
  • How to gauge the strength of IP
  • Staying motivated while working remotely

For more work-from-home tips and best practices, check out the full webinar.