The MGA Community Weighs in On 2021’s Hottest Topics

2020 and 2021 have turned the mobile community — and the world — upside down. COVID-19 and the ensuing lockdowns had huge impacts on the mobile app industry. In fact, it was mobile that made it possible for many people to continue daily life while in lockdown. From food delivery apps to apps that made it easier for us all to stay in touch, mobile stepped up. But while time in-app and installs skyrocketed, Apple’s decision to deprecate IDFA change the way marketers approach user acquisition forever.

Earlier this year, we asked members of the MGA community to weigh in on some of the biggest questions we all have this year. We have compiled some of their thoughts here as we see what’s come to fruition and what mobile app marketers and developers are still trying to master in 2021.  

What do you think will be the biggest challenge for app publishers in 2021?

“Revenue! Keeping subscribers, IAP, and ad revenue up during and economically challenging time.” — Elizabeth Kantor, Co-President SF Chapter, mBolden

“App fatigue from the widespread move to virtual.” — Josh D’Addario, Senior Consultant, ODI

“Visibility. Covid-19 accelerated growth on all platforms but that also means there are more apps than ever before and the competition is operating on giant budgets – especially in the gaming market that is likely the biggest winner from this crisis with profits up 40,50, up to 300 percent. Smart marketing ideas will be key to capture new audiences.” — Benjamin Kratsch, CEO, GLP MEDIA 

“iOS 14 and the changing relationship between identity and monetization.” — Mike Brooks, SVP of Revenue, WeatherBug

“The gaming industry becomes more and more competitive due to frequent new game launches. The demand for innovation is increasing, and leading to a big competitive environment. It will be a big challenge for gaming companies to keep a high level of growth post-COVID time when UA prices are growing and the IDFA challenge is coming. The companies that will put the player in the center of the creation and will provide a unique entertainment experience will continue to grow and will benefit from the growing demands for new and unique content.” — Barak David, COO. Murka Games

How is your company encouraging opt-ins for identifiers and data-gathering?

Show the value — ads are necessary, they allow media companies and others to produce these great stories you are currently enjoying on let’s say The Verge or any other website. Marketing and branding are all about conversation — we need to have one with our audience where we tell them that their data will only be used to serve them more high-quality ads that will lead to more high-quality content. Show your audience how hard you work on the content they are consuming and they will support you. I also believe we need smarter data analytics on the editorial side, so we can serve our audience stories they like and basically evolve to a more curated experience on website main pages.” — Benjamin Kratsch, CEO, GLP MEDIA

“Providing real value with the app and being very transparent in soft prompts.” — Mike Brooks, SVP of Revenue, WeatherBug

“As a medical company, we adhere to the strictest regulations and sometimes make them even stricter ourselves. This has pros and cons. Eventually, with a higher sense of data privacy among the society being strict also means having a better brand reputation.” — Marvin Rottenberg, VP of Marketing, Ada

What changes do you think are here to stay — even after COVID is no longer a concern?

“Remote work, e-learning, grocery, and food delivery services.” — Elizabeth Kantor, Co-President SF Chapter, mBolden

“I believe conferences will return to physical soon, but stay fully digital as well simply because you can reach a much bigger audience. Not everyone has the budget to travel around the world all year long. It can also create a more intimate conversation with speakers because participants and speakers can have a one-on-one conversation which is very often more difficult in classic conference settings with thousands of people in the room. “ — Benjamin Kratsch, CEO GLP MEDIA

“Working from home for the majority of the week.” — Marvin Rottenberg, VP of Marketing, Ada

“Workplaces will be more flexible, and I see a huge bump coming for smaller, more intimate events once COVID is under control.” — Mike Brooks, SVP of Revenue, WeatherBug

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