Using “Love Languages” to Unlock Innovative Solutions

What’s love got to do with business development? Everything! In this session presented by MGS20, Jacinta Mathis, Senior Director of Growth and Services at KeyMe, explains how Gary Chapman’s famous theory of “love languages” can be applied to acquire new customers, partnerships, products, and revenue streams.

Mathis selects four of the “love languages”—words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, and quality time—and demonstrates how KeyMe uses each to unlock innovative solutions. Customer relationships, Mathis explains, can be improved by small but memorable affirmations, fixing problems as they arise (acts of service), and gifts that “surprise and delight.” In turn, product offerings can be expanded and revenue streams increased if companies listen to customer needs and respond accordingly. Mathis concludes by suggesting the investment of quality time leads to quality partnerships and new opportunities to advertise, integrate, and collaborate.