Perfecting Your Mobile App Experience with In-App Guides

March 24, 2022

They say the key to a successful relationship is communication. For companies with mobile apps, we can take this sentiment a step further: The key to a successful relationship with your mobile app users is communication inside the app itself.

Using in-app guides in your mobile app isn’t just useful in reaching customers directly–these messages help you reach the right customers at the right times to help improve their experience with your app and your brand as a whole. By leveraging guides, tooltips, and help buttons strategically in your app itself, you can help users right when they need it.

Join Keren Wexler, senior director of product management at Pendo, and Hannah Chaplin, director of product marketing at Pendo, as they explore important mobile use cases and share best practices around leveraging in-app messaging to onboard new users, capture customer feedback, boost app store ratings, and more!

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