What We’re Thankful For

Photo by @prochurchmedia on Unsplash

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, the Mobile Growth Association team is reflecting on what we’re thankful for. The mobile industry has seen its share of ups and downs this year, but it’s always important to remember what’s important and occasionally count your blessings. From our team to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

Jen Laloup, CEO & Co-founder

“I am grateful for the loyalty and dedication of my team. They believe in what Mobile Growth Association stands for and have worked so hard to make it what it is today.

I am grateful for the talented speakers who have given their time and their energy to share their knowledge and insights with others and to engage in important conversations about where the industry is headed.

I am grateful for our sponsors, who have not only provided the resources to help us host these events but have provided valuable feedback that has only helped make MGA a better organization.

I am grateful for our members, the app marketers, developers, and business leaders who believe in MGA and our mission.

I am grateful for my family and for the sacrifices they have made to support me in this work. They are my rock and my heart.”

Karen Pagitt, Membership Director

“2022 has been a difficult year but also a blessing. As I look back at everything that has happened, I am grateful I have this job with MGA and the team I get to work with; I am grateful I was able to spend the last five years close to my brother, who just passed; and I am grateful for the time I get to spend with my two kids and granddaughter. It seems that even though we go through hard times, there is always a blessing at the end. I am grateful for my faith in the Lord and wish everyone a very blessed and Happy Holiday.”

Annette Schnur, Senior Director of Sales

“At the risk of sounding trite or corny, I am simply grateful for a loving family, lifelong and new friends, the kindness of strangers, and opportunities in life to pay it forward.”

Theresa Cramer, Director of Communications

“If the last few years have taught me anything, it’s to be grateful for everything I have. Those of us who are still standing — literally and figuratively — can no longer take our health for granted. But I’m also grateful for the small things; from my garden to a circle of friends and family who are always ready to lend a hand, I am very fortunate.”