Climate Change Activism: An Unexpected Opportunity to Reach Mobile Gamers

climate change activism

A recent report from Unity and the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication took a look at gamers’ thoughts on climate change. According to its findings, not only do gamers care about climate change but they are interested in doing something to effect change. You may be wondering, “So what does this have to do with mobile growth?” Well, gamers want to know how the games industry can impact climate change. 

Here are a few points of interest: 

  • 73% of gamers believe climate change is real
  • 70% of gamers interviewed say they are worried about climate change
  • 74% say it’s important to them personally
  • 56% of gamers interviewed think the gaming industry has a responsibility to act on climate change

As is the case with most people, gamers’ concerns over climate change are not necessarily translating to action:

  • 55% of gamers report they “rarely” or “never” discuss the topic with family and friends 
  • 13% report taking action on climate change after hearing news on the topic from a game or stream 
  • 49% of gamers were willing to volunteer with a climate change organization, compared with 32% of the general population

Gamers like many consumers are interested in supporting brands that dovetail with their values, and therein lies the opportunity for mobile gaming apps. 

Acquire mobile gamers with climate-driven activism

“Considering that 87% of gamers don’t take action on climate change after hearing news on the topic from a game or stream, it is a huge opportunity for mobile game studios to facilitate this taking of action, says Marion Balinoff, a performance-driven influencer marketing consultant. “In 2022, over 50 mobile studios from around the world took part in the Green Game Jam. While playing their favorite mobile games, players could take part in special events that would have a positive environmental impact. In June’s Journey, from Wooga, each time players bought a tree to decorate their island, one tree would be planted in real life. Through that single action, 200,000 trees will be planted around the globe. “

Mobile gaming apps looking to do some good in the world while also reaching new audiences and earning loyalty from existing players have a real opportunity in front of them. Balinoff says that with meaningful and adapted Liveops, mobile games can create a win-win-win situation for them, the players, and the planet by following a few simples rules: 

  • First and foremost, have a positive impact on the environment
  • Share the company’s values with players but also employees and potential candidates
  • Increase players’ engagement and loyalty with actions that resonate with them
  • Increase brand awareness through additional PR covering the events

Ultimately, says Balinoff, “Mobile games have the power to reach millions of people and have a positive impact on the planet, whichever the cause they choose. In 2022, and considering the urgency of the matter, it’s imperative that all studios get involved.” Other app genres should take note as well and learn how a commitment to the climate can boost UA and retention success.