Mobile News Roundup – 11/3/22


Why Apple’s SKAdNetwork 4.0 release could affect mobile app measurement

“Several key updates to SKAN 4 promise to make the framework more accessible and useful to companies looking to measure the performance of their mobile marketing campaigns. Digiday spoke to several experts to learn how the launch of SKAdNetwork 4.0 could impact the mobile app marketing and measurement space.”

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Mobile Shopping Could Be Santa’s Special Helper This Year

“While a number of other holiday surveys have predicted that large numbers of shoppers will be returning to stores this year, the survey found that many of them will also be spending time on their phones, using gaming and shopping apps, and are open to receiving marketing pitches there.”

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Kohl’s deals-focused holiday blitz features bevy of mobile tactics

“With the turn of the calendar into November, holiday marketing is primed to kick into high gear. Kohl’s latest campaign feels indicative of the messaging and media strategies retailers will adopt as they try to win over exhausted consumers who are wrestling with inflation. The media blitz brings high-energy, colorful ads that try to capture the seasonal sentiment, while the promotional emphasis is squarely on deals and rewards.”

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New Japan Mobile App Trends 2022 report shows payment app sessions account for nearly 75% of total fintech sessions from 2021 through H1 2022

“As the country moves to a more connected future, Japan has set its sights on being a cashless market with 40% of all transactions going digital by 2025.  As a result, payment apps have captured the lion’s share of sessions among fintech sub verticals from 2021 through H1 2022, according to Adjust and Liftoff’s report, accounting for nearly 75% of total fintech sessions, followed by banking (15%) and crypto (12%).”

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Apple draws Meta’s ire again with new policy around boosted posts

“Apple’s latest advertising plays signal a clear intent to feed more revenue into its budding ads business, though they also further ramp up existing tension between itself and Meta.”

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How mobile app publishers in APAC can unlock growing brand spend

“A recent Forrester study commissioned by PubMatic found that advertisers are adding programmatic in-app advertising in their client’s media plans, with the mobile in-app channel capturing the most digital advertising spend today. Importantly, branding-led advertising objectives are now capturing a larger share of marketing budgets.

As more buyers embrace a mobile-first approach, and increase spend on mobile in-app brand advertising, publishers in APAC must prepare themselves to capture global brand spend.”

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