Mobile News Roundup – 9/08/22


Report: Mobile app updates take longer than marketers expect

“​​More than 90% of developers and marketers say waiting to get app enhancements to market significantly impacts their business, and 96% of marketers are reliant on developer resources and app updates to improve user experiences.”

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Airship’s Survey Reveals Companies Still Struggle to Optimize Mobile App Experiences

Airship today published its Mobile App Experience Gap Survey report, which spotlights key internal challenges companies of all sizes face in deploying and improving mobile app experiences for their customers. Findings show that app teams at companies with 1,000 employees or more underperform in optimizing customer experiences across the entire app lifecycle due to internal processes and priorities.”

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Branch Acquires Adlibertas to Advance a Data-First Platform for Mobile App Growth

“Branch, the leader in mobile linking and measurement, has acquired AdLibertas, a predictive data platform built for mobile apps. The acquisition will allow Branch to extend its value as a mobile measurement partner (MMP) for companies driving growth, engagement and revenue across all marketing channels.”

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Reimagining Retail: Shopping behaviors on mobile, and the apps that will shape mcommerce

“On today’s episode, in our ‘Retail Me This, Retail Me That’ segment, we discuss mobile shopping behaviors and the metrics to pay attention to going forward. Then for ‘Pop-Up Rankings,’ we rank the top four mobile shopping apps that will shape the future of mcommerce. Join our analyst Sara Lebow as she hosts analysts Sky Canaves and Yory Wurmser.”

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1,859 Mobile Apps, Mostly iOS, Found Storing Hard-Coded Credentials for AWS Databases

AWS access tokens are active in around 77% (1,431) of these 1,859 apps, which makes it possible for threat actors to access private AWS cloud services. Additionally, almost half of these apps (873) containing valid AWS access tokens provided access to private databases stored in Amazon S3 containing millions of files and data records.

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