Mobile Growth Basics: User Onboarding


Mobile user onboarding is the process by which apps help new users become acquainted with and proficient in the use of the app. It can incorporate everything from filling out basic information to simple guides that show how to use key features. 

Why is mobile user onboarding important?

User onboarding is integral to everything from user experience to retention – which means it is extremely important to get it right. A quarter of users abandon an app after just one use, an alarming statistic that has many app marketers focused on retaining users, and that starts with a great onboarding process. 

App onboarding best practices

While the onboarding process will vary widely between different types of apps. The onboarding experience for a game will be significantly different than that of an e-commerce app, however, there are some basic best practices all apps can follow. 

Simplify sign-in

If your app requires sign-in think about ways to simplify the process. This is most relevant for fintech, healthcare, or other apps that house sensitive personal information. 

Educate your users

Help users explore your app’s interface and understand how to use it. You can do this with simple tutorials, short animations, or other forms of in-app messaging. It’s important not to overwhelm new users, so keep it simple and remember that you can always tell them more later. 

Point out key features

Onboarding is often an ongoing effort. As users progress through your app, tell them about the features that are most relevant at the moment. It’s important to understand your customer journey and how your users will typically progress through your app’s features. With this data in hand, you can design a better onboarding experience that delivers the right information at the right time.

Offer custom experiences

Data is also key to offering custom experiences. When onboarding new users, collect information about the user that will help you customize their experience. Be sure to help them understand the reason you are collecting the info and how it will help enhance their experience. 

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