The Do’s and Don’ts of Retargeting Apps

MGA presents a webinar with Vincent Meyer, CEO of GOffee, on the methods necessary for successful retargeting campaigns in gaming, e-commerce, and entertainment apps.

3 Strategies For Organic App User Acquisition

User acquisition (UA) is a constant challenge for app developers. Even incredibly innovative app ideas can become a huge flop if they fail to drive new users to the app. For this reason, user acquisition and marketing are typically a fairly large portion of most app developers’ budgets.

Successful User Acquisition in 2020 and Beyond

Delivered at MGS GVC 1.0, Omri Argaman, CMO of Zoomd, unpacks the changes in user acquisition (UA) during 2020 and explores new strategies for successful UA going forward.

Mobile Usage in LATAM: A Breakdown of Habits By Country

Latin America is home to one of the fastest-growing mobile markets in the world. In 2018, the region had 326 million mobile internet users — a figure that’s expected to increase to 422 million by 2025.

Three Secrets to Fintech Success in LATAM

In recent years, financial services in Latin America (LATAM) have undergone rapid change. Modern fintech solutions are steadily entering the region, offering faster, more secure, and more accessible alternatives to traditional forms of banking. Currently, LATAM has more than 1,166 fintechs operating, with the largest share focused on payment and remittances. In 2019 alone, these… Continue reading Three Secrets to Fintech Success in LATAM

3 Strategies For Effective App Store Optimization

  You’ve made an app. Now what?

How to Increase Revenue by Optimizing Conversions

Looking to turn free users into paying customers? In this MGS20 panel, Ehren Maedge, North American VP of MoEngage, moderates a conversation between Lane Colyer and Nathan Sann, co-founders of Growth Instincts, concerning the best practices for driving conversion rates.

Emerging Paid Channels In SEA: Where To Find Your Next Customers

by Melissa Yik, Account Director at M&C Saatchi Performance The accelerated digital consumption driven by COVID-19 has led to a new wave of advertising inventory that brands can leverage to connect with their audiences. Due to the growing number of people staying at home, there has been a drastic change in customer behavior. While many… Continue reading Emerging Paid Channels In SEA: Where To Find Your Next Customers

Why Incrementality Is Key to Understanding Your Marketing

By Lin Pophal

Putting LATAM on the Map

By Harlyn Pacheco, COO of Picap