Using Mobile Technology to Share Gratitude

As we enter the Thanksgiving and holiday season, gratitude is a popular emotion and theme. Reflecting on and sharing gratitude is often on the mind for many of us. While gratitude fits with the spirit of the season, it also brings benefits to those who practice it. A recent article on noted that “gratitude… Continue reading Using Mobile Technology to Share Gratitude

The No-Code Movement: Changing the Way Apps Are Made

Making an app with the help of no-code tools is a lot like building a house out of Legos. You can choose the colors and shape and customize it in all sorts of ways. But you are using pre-built blocks and snapping them together.

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Marketing Mobile App Privacy & Security as a Competitive Advantage

There are plenty of reasons to make sure your code is clean and that you’ve plugged any potential security gaps in your mobile app. Here’s another one: it can be a significant competitive advantage.

From Product to Paid, Iteration Innovates Ideas

In the MGS20 session, Trevor Laehy, Co-Founder & President of Yaza, explains how iteration is key to unlocking growth, traction, and retention.

Do Contact Tracing Apps Put Privacy At Risk?

COVID-19 has hit the world hard, but as people begin to re-open after lockdowns across the country, there is some serious thought going into methods for maintaining public safety that still permit some level of normalcy amidst the pandemic.

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Experts Share Best Practices for Taking an Idea Live

Got a million-dollar idea? In this MGS20 panel moderated by Stewart Skrondal, Director of Client Solutions at Blue Label Labs, experts share their best practices for turning ideas into reality. Panelists include Mary Yang (Director of Product at LinkedIn), Ryan Baird (CEO of Lyka), and Marti Romances (Co-Founder and Creative Director of Territory Studio).

Why? What? How? A Simple Framework for Prioritizing Product Ideas

Andrius Baranauskas, Director of Product, Pricing, Programs at, delivers this MGS20 keynote on prioritizing product ideas.

Voice Technology and Mobile Apps

By Lin Pophal Peter Bryant is a mobile developer and technical training coordinator in the UK. He says that, while consumers are often easily impressed by the capabilities of a voice assistant, for instance, “in the real world, the only use cases I’ve seen of people actually using voice assistants are within the home when… Continue reading Voice Technology and Mobile Apps

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How Rappi Engages Users to Build Loyalty and Growth

On-demand delivery company Rappi is certainly one of the most infamous unicorn startups to emerge from the booming mobile app scene in Latin America. Founded in 2015 by three Colombian entrepreneurs, Rappi is now operational in nine countries, with a revenue of $220 million USD and 1,500 employees at last figures in 2018.

Ready Player One? Blockchain Games Return Control To The Player

There’s been a lot of buzz about blockchain, but in this MGS20 session, Arthur Madrid, Co-Founder and CEO of The Sandbox, cuts through the noise to make a case for blockchain games. Madrid begins by explaining how blockchain can improve the user experience and monetization of digital games. Unlike most games currently on the market, blockchain… Continue reading Ready Player One? Blockchain Games Return Control To The Player