Play-to-Earn with Hyper-Casual Games

Play-to-earn might sound like just another mobile gaming buzzword but it’s one of the most effective retention strategies — so let’s take a closer look. At GAMEE we have been tweaking our play-to-earn model for the past 18 months and not only has it worked well in traditional settings, but it is outperforming our other… Continue reading Play-to-Earn with Hyper-Casual Games

Get Prepared for Greying Gamers

We tend to think of gamers as being most represented among younger demographics, but that isn’t necessarily the case. In fact, an AARP study indicates that the number of those over 50 playing video games in the U.S. is on the rise — growing 25%+ in just three years (and that was before the pandemic!).  

Why Players Are Leaving Your Mobile App Game

It is no surprise that app publishers and game developers are trying to capitalize on the multi-billion-dollar mobile gaming app industry. However, retaining users of gaming apps continues to be a challenge. 

Get to Know Turkish Gamers with Mobidictum Business Network’s Newest Conference

2020 was a big year in mobile gaming — and that was especially true in Turkey. Users were expected to reach 16 million in Turkey alone, a 12.5% increase year-over-year. With 79% of Turkish adults playing mobile games, this is a market that cannot be ignored. 

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Learn How to Use Influencer Marketing for User Acquistion

Influencer marketing is hot. But when you imagine YouTubers and Instagrammers pushing products, you might think more about beauty supplies or recipes than apps. But there is an influencer for everything!

Since When Do Players Love Ads?

    Join co-hosts Peggy Anne Salz and Oliver Kern when they speak with Pierre Germain from BRAVOLOTO and Jonas Thiemann from adjoe about how many ads players are willing to watch and how today’s CPMs bring new opportunities

4 Social Features that Help Mobile Gaming Apps Attract and Retain Users

When it comes to mobile games, users are spoiled for choice. Players have a wide pool to choose from, creating intense competition when it comes to user acquisition and retention. According to Forbes, even the best game could only manage user retention of 4.5% after 30 days. But research suggests that adding social features to… Continue reading 4 Social Features that Help Mobile Gaming Apps Attract and Retain Users

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UA Ads: Does Process Beat Creativity?

Are Indies Too Cool for Data? Lucky Kat Studios Tells All


MGA Announces New Online Education Initiatives

Earlier this year, the Mobile Growth Association (MGA) announced a move to an all-virtual strategy for the remainder of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, coming off the heels of our first-ever virtual conference, MGS GVC 1.0, MGA is announcing a slate of new online education opportunities that help marketers get a handle on… Continue reading MGA Announces New Online Education Initiatives