Accelerating Financial Services with NVIDIA AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been applied to a wide variety of businesses and is transforming almost every industry. Financial services is one industry that has deployed AI and leveraged huge sets of consumer and transactional data to develop a variety of competitive advantages. Of course, AI requires a significant amount of infrastructure to have an… Continue reading Accelerating Financial Services with NVIDIA AI

How To Get Your Fintech Strategy Right, Learnings from Google

Perhaps no other tech company in the world is more ubiquitous than Google. From dominating search engine traffic to providing apps and tools for individuals and businesses alike to delivering mobile experiences to more than 2.5 billion active Android users globally, Google touches nearly every person in the world with an internet connection.

Account to Account Money Movement is the Future of Payments

When we talk about Fintech, we often talk about using technologies to deliver new digital banking services to underbanked customers. Or evolving the banking experience. Or how technology is democratizing access to financial and economic opportunities.

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How Empowering Women and Minorities Leads to Success

We all know that change is hard, and while large strides have been made in making Fintech more diverse, there’s still a way to go. That’s the frank assessment that Tracey Davies delivered in this week’s Fintech Growth Talk.

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Is Malaysia the Next Innovation Hotbed for Fintech?

When we talk about Fintech, we often focus on upstart companies in the United States or Europe. However, according to the World Bank, the fintech investments in Southeast Asia have grown 700 percent since 2015. This is not only digital banks, but the overall ecosystem.

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What One Investor Looks For In Fintech

According to global accounting and business consultancy KPMG, investors poured $105 billion into fintech startups last year, the third-highest annual total ever recorded. This clearly demonstrates significant growth in the industry and interest in developing tech firms that are modernizing payment and financial infrastructure.

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Remote Working: Best Practices

In this MGA webinar, Frank Ravanelli, APAC Digital Media and Marketing Operations Manager at FOREO, discusses increasing productivity, efficiency, and efficacy while working remotely. Ravanelli’s webinar includes actionable advice and insights into: Suitable (and unsuitable) places and times to work remotely Who is a good fit for remote work Defining personal success by identifying strengths,… Continue reading Remote Working: Best Practices

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How App Developers Are Boosting the Odds for App Opt-ins

The app market has exploded over the past several years with app developers competing for eyeballs and opt-ins like never before — especially as marketers prepare to adjust to a post- IDFA world. What does it take to build opt-ins? While apps may be all about coding and technology, app opt-in best practices revolve around… Continue reading How App Developers Are Boosting the Odds for App Opt-ins

Why Apps Must Embrace Alternative Forms of Payment in LATAM

Launching a mobile app in Latin America (LATAM) requires a unique approach. While the region’s smartphone penetration continues to grow dramatically year-on-year – it’s expected to reach 75% by 2025 – 51% of the LATAM adult population have no access to formal financial services.

Industry Insider Tips For Effective App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization (ASO) can be a bit of a black box for some developers in the industry.