New Roles for MGA Founders Signal Growth and Mission-Driven Approach

2021 has been a time of profound change for the mobile industry, requiring us all to reimagine the way we think about business. Here at MGA, we are excited to announce our own exciting changes that will help propel MGA forward, creating a dynamic, mission-driven organization focused on creating an inclusive, diverse, and progressive community. 

The Personal (AI-Powered) Approach To Increasing Engagement And Conversions

In this MGS GVC 1.0 session, Charles Ng, the VP of Enterprise AI at Appier, shares his insights on increasing engagement and conversions using AI-powered personalization. This session includes valuable information on: The importance of personalization (as opposed to generic promotion) How personalization can increasing conversion rates by up to 200%+ The challenges of personalization… Continue reading The Personal (AI-Powered) Approach To Increasing Engagement And Conversions

Becoming Emotionally Intelligent with RealEyes AI

Artificial emotional intelligence is here and in this MGS20 session, Martin Salo, co-founder of RealEyes, explains how attention and emotion impact data and can help optimize the user experience.

MGS Embraces a Virtual Event Strategy for 2020

By Jen Laloup, CEO, MGA

Make the Most of Virtual Conferences with These Tips

By Rebecca Castellani

What Will 5G Mean for LatAm Mobile Markets?


We’re All in This Together: Join Us at the MGS Global Virtual Conference

Pull up your favorite comfy chair, get out your headphones (so you don’t bother your housemates), and set your hand sanitizer aside—Mobile Growth Summit is going virtual… and global!

Lean AI: The Secret to App Growth

By Lomit Patel Launching and growing any new app has always been a challenging endeavor. Beyond having a great app and hiring a great team, one of the keys to success, is to figure out how you can leverage user acquisition to scale up app growth fast. Increasingly, the answer to smart growth looks like… Continue reading Lean AI: The Secret to App Growth

4 of the Biggest Sessions at Pocket Gamer Connects London 2020

Pocket Gamer Connects is returning to London next week on January 20th and 21st, and your chance to get tickets to one of the biggest mobile gaming conferences in Europe, if not the world, is running out fast.

The Top 5 MGS Podcasts of 2019

There’s no shortage of podcasts out there, but we’d like to think the MGS podcast stands out. We get exclusive interviews with some of the most exciting mobile marketing movers and shakers — and the in-depth insights that they bring to the table. But if you’re short on time and need a helpful guide to… Continue reading The Top 5 MGS Podcasts of 2019