5 Tips to Win in a Competitive App Category

By Jayne Pimentel On NFL Sundays DraftKings’ usage rates beat out Instagram, according to Comscore. This is something few apps can claim on any day of the week. But we didn’t reach that level of success without a lot of hard work and planning. Pulling from some of the GOAT in sports, we’ve laid out… Continue reading 5 Tips to Win in a Competitive App Category

The Golden Rules of Reddit’s Redesign

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Product is the new marketing. The best way to find and keep users is to provide them with a useful app that provides a great experience. That’s why we turned to Andreas Gross to be our keynote speaker at last fall’s Product Jam in San Francisco.

The Top 5 MGS Podcasts of 2019

There’s no shortage of podcasts out there, but we’d like to think the MGS podcast stands out. We get exclusive interviews with some of the most exciting mobile marketing movers and shakers — and the in-depth insights that they bring to the table. But if you’re short on time and need a helpful guide to… Continue reading The Top 5 MGS Podcasts of 2019

Top UX/UI Trends in LATAM: Everything You Need to Know

Latin America is a unique region full of distinct countries, cultures, and people. Home to over 20 countries and 600 million people, this rich cultural diversity makes it a unique nut to crack when it comes to designing products that resonate with its population.

Keeping Up with ASO Updates Impacting App Store Optimization in 2019

By Linda Harnisch

5 Tips For Mastering The Google UAC Challenge From InnoGames


Beyond Facebook: How To Grow Your App Through Paid Content Marketing


The Year Of Going Global With Your App [EContent]

From social media sharing to personalized push notification, 2017 saw a flurry of activity as media companies focused their attention and investment on making changes and improvements to their mobile app presence. This is aimed at extending the life span of their app or increasing user engagement. It’s a smart strategy, but it falls short… Continue reading The Year Of Going Global With Your App [EContent]